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MESO /Cellulite (liquid lipo) 4 session

Reduces Cellulite and decreases fat cells stomach, buttock, arms and legs

  • 1 h
  • 710 US dollars
  • Barrett Drive

Service Description

This is a package treatment plan to make cellulite appearance better!!!! Are you tired of the lumpy, dimpled look and stubborn areas on your body? common areas of treatment : Legs or Buttock Cellulite is that dimpled skin that frequently develops on the buttocks and thighs. With our designed treatment we can help your cellulite seem less noticeable. MESOLIPO Details • MesoLipo Serum: MesoLipo is a serum designed to treat the body in areas with a tendency to fat cells accumulation and cellulite creation. Recommended for slimming treatments for women and men of all ages. Active Ingredients Caffeine + Yerba Mate + Yellow Hornpoppy + Euglena Gracillis Extract Efficacy of Active Ingredients Activates lipolysis Reduces cellulite appearance Prevents from adipocytes growth and lipid storage Decreases fat cells thickness and volume Provides intensive firming effect on the skin Reduces double chin effect Application Area All skin areas with fat excess and cellulite symptoms (forearms, stomach, waist, buttocks, legs, thigh, hips). Can also be used on face (if needed) – for example, to reduce double chin. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation hyperthyroidism (because of marine algae components rich in iodine) allergy to seafood (because the serum contains algae) FAQs 1.CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT THE INJECTIONS ARE? A: Needle-less injections of a FAT BURNER serum THAT DISSOLVES FAT USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS 2. WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS? A: ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ARE CAFFEINE,YERBA MATE,YELLOW HORNPOPPY,EUGLENA GRACILLIS EXTRACT, AND ALGAE 3. DOES IT HURT? A: NO,FEELS LIKE A FINGER PRICK.SERUM HAS A BURNING SENSATION 4. HOW OFTEN CAN I GET THESE INJECTIONS? A: ONCE EVERY 7-30 DAYS 5.WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS? A: MINOR SIDE EFFECTS ARE NAUSEA,BRUSING,DELAYED ALLERGIC REACTION,INFLAMMATION 6.I WANT TO LOOK THIS UP MYSELF,WHAT CAN I SEARCH? A: MESOTHERAPY ON STOMACH 7.HOW LONG DOES THIS LAST? A:STAYS IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR 7 DAYS 8.WHY CANT I GET THIS MORE FREQUENT THAN 7 DAYS? A: THE SERUM BURNS FAT ALMOST CONTINUOUSLY FOR 7 DAYS. SKIN TIGHTENING MAY REQUIRED BEFORE YOUR NEXT INJECTION BECAUSE IF YOUR SKIN GET TOO LOOSE THEN IT WILL BE HARDER TO TIGHTEN PRE-CARE INSTRUCTIONS: DRINK AT LEAST 1 LITER OF WATER AND DO NOT EAT 1 HOUR BEFORE APPOINTMENT. DO NOT APPLY LOTION,OIL,CREAMS,ETC.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit does go towards your appointment. It is understandable that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone's life. We simply ask that you do not wait till the last minute to cancel your appointment. Providing ample time allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. A fee of $50 is obtained for rescheduled same day missed appointments, Due to high demand of appointments if we cannot find another client to switch appointment times with you and you cancel less than 24 hours you may have to pay the full price. Thanks

Contact Details

  • 4020 Barrett Drive suite 105, Raleigh, NC, USA


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