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Please try our number 1 popular Snatched By Bleu Sports Cincher. 


This wasit trainer should be worn atleast 4 to 6 hours to see inches come off your abdominal. 


This waist trainer can be woren at the gym undneath your clothes. 


This wasit trainer not only help you with your posture but also helps with slimming the abdominal.


The goal of this waist trainer is to start far from the square than within months you should be able to strap the waist trainer to the middle square. 


Please text us at 910-548-4896 if you have any questions before purchasing this waist trainer. 


Thanks for shopping in our collection. 


xoxo Bianca #Daretobedifferent 

Waist Trainers/50% ALREADY TAKEN OFF Black Friday Sale!!

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Hand wash only

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