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Cellulite Reduction Training Classes

At Bleu Heavenly Touch we had our lead Therapist Bianca fly all the way to Colombia 🇨🇴 to learn about cellulite. 
Bianca then studied cellulite in more detail and eventually came up with her own treatment plan to tackle stubborn cellulite. 
Now she wants to help other professionals by sharing her knowledge!

Snatched By Bleu is currently hosting a Cellulite Reduction training class 

In this class you will learn:  

- Columbian Style Training

- Body Sculpting Wood Therapy

- Cupping

- Body Anatomy

- Examination of Fat Deposits

- How to Target Adipose to Achieve a Better Appearance

All techniques will be demonstrated and taught on a live model! This is hands-on, 1-on-1 training!

With this class you will also receive: 

- Lasting Mentorship from a Highly Trained and Certified Therapist

- Training Manual

- Faja & Compression Garments

- Marketing Tips

- Vendor List

- Post-Operative Tips

- Sanitation Guidelines

- Certificate of Course Completion to add to your Credentials


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